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2013 Review And Warm Wishes From LSF’s Program Manager

2013 Review and Warm Wishes from LSF’s Program Manager

Happy Holidays!  This has been a wonderful year of support and growth for all of the folks who have participated in our retreats, as well as, our program!

We have held 11 great retreats for individual veterans, service men and women, couples and families during 2013.  Support has been provided to close to 200 individuals in the areas of combat PTSD, mTBI, chronic pain and Military Sexual Trauma.   The  feedback  that we continue to receive reflects the effectiveness of our services.

Denis Grant Retreat Photo

“The weekend was very helpful.  It gave me the tools for my tool bag.  I now have gained knowledge that can help me get one step closer to being “healed” in my book.”   ~ A recent retreat participant

The retreat program has expanded locations this past year to include San Antonio, TX and Ellijay, GA.  These two locations have allowed us to increase our retreat attendance.  Additionally, Ellijay has given us very pleasant temperatures for our summer months.  Our Hosts at all three of our locations have been incredibly generous and supportive of our service men, women and veterans!  Thank you to all of the wonderful people at the Lazy J Ranch, Coosawattee River Resort and Dixie Dude Ranch!

We’re very excited about the upcoming year of 2014, with more expansion growth on the horizon!

We will be expanding into the Northwest with a retreat team offering retreats in Washington State.  This will allow Lone Survivor Foundation to increase the numbers of very deserving folks whom we can support!  It is our honor to support these wonderfully brave men and women who have pledged themselves to protect us and our country.

We are incredibly grateful to our amazing supporters who are hard at work with planning our new retreat facility in Crystal Beach, TX!  A very patriotic and generous group of supporters have provided this very wonderful gift, which will enable LSF to provide a beautiful and ideal setting for our therapeutic retreats!

Finally, I wish to thank each person who has attended our program for their continued bravery!  We are so blessed and honored to have been able to meet and work with each of you and your families over the past years.  Each of you have demonstrated such strength and worked hard to make positive changes and we thank you for Never Quitting!

Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Holiday and New Year!

Denise Grant, Program Manager

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