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Land Of The Free, Support The Brave

Land of the Free, Support the Brave

As we celebrate America’s independence, we thank all of the men and women who have protected our freedom through their service to our nation.  We’d like to introduce you to one of them:  Jeremiah Shock, a United States Marine whose sons just watched fireworks with him for the very first time.

Up until his Family Retreat a couple of weeks ago, Jeremiah had never enjoyed a fireworks display with his family, though he had made one previous attempt at Camp Pendleton on July 4th, 2008.  “I don’t remember a whole lot of what happened, but according to my wife, at the first launch…I hit the deck and disappeared.  She took nearly an hour…to find me hidden behind vehicles.  Since then, I have spent the week of the 4th loaded on muscle relaxers and sleep aids, falling asleep well before nightfall and waking well after sunrise.”

According to DoD reports, this generation of service men and women exceeds the national average in education, intelligence, health, and character qualities.  Veterans like Jeremiah are by no means broken.  However, the consequences of combat sometimes include injuries such as Post Traumatic Stress. Lone Survivor Foundation offers a progression of no-cost retreats that introduce veterans and their families to cutting-edge therapeutic modalities, providing the real help that they need to start on their healing journeys.  One of those modalities is ART (Accelerated Resolution Therapy).

During Jeremiah’s family retreat, he decided to try ART to address his issue with fireworks. Once his 45-minute session was over, the LSF Team Lead, Paula Bonebrake, LPC, recommended that they test his results by setting off some fireworks.  Anxious and exhausted, Jeremiah and his wife went to the beach with Paula that night to see what would happen.  Unsure of the results, they decided to leave their boys inside.

Jeremiah lit the first firework and what followed was, “a full body of emotion, unexpected emotion; no fear, no animosity – just deep appreciation, joy and truth that I’d overcome a decade of avoidance and fear or reaction through one 45 minute session of ART. After the second firework went off without a hitch, I looked at my wife and Paula and said, ‘go get the boys’.”

And there on the beach under the watchful eye of a Licensed Professional Counselor and a proud mom, Jeremiah’s sons watched fireworks with their dad for the very first time.

Thanks to generous individuals like you, Jeremiah and his family did not have to pay anything for this life-changing experience. LSF even took care of their transportation to the retreat facility.  On this Independence Day, please consider honoring our brave men and women with a gift that will allow them to enjoy the freedom that they have sacrificed so much to protect.

Happy Birthday, America.  Never Quit.

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