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What does LSF offer? What if I need help in another area?
Marcus Luttrell established the Lone Survivor Foundation to assist combat veterans and their families in dealing with some of the invisible injuries of war. The Lone Survivor Foundation’s mission is restoring, empowering and renewing hope for our wounded veterans and their families through health, wellness and therapeutic support. The Foundation accomplishes this through therapeutic programs held throughout the year. These programs are focused on PTSD, mTBI, military sexual assault and pain management matters. This is where the Lone Survivor Foundation’s focus is. If you, the service member, veteran or your family are seeking help in any of these specific areas we may be able to directly help. Complete a program application and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. We also have provided resources on the website to help provide education and equip you with tools to manage your experiences in these areas.
The Lone Survivor Foundation’s resources and capabilities are limited to the specific focus areas listed above, and we are only part of a holistic effort with many other organizations to help veterans and their families with the many challenges they confront. If you are need of assistance in areas other than Lone Survivor Foundation’s direct focus and expertise, we want to get you to the best source of help possible. On the resources page listed above, we have listed resources available to help you get assistance from organizations best suited to the specific needs that you may have.
In the event that you have an immediate crisis we suggest that you contact the VA Hotline 800-273-8255 or text 838255 for help (24/7 responses).

What type of program is offered by LSF?
Lone Survivor Foundation (LSF) provides therapeutic Post-Traumatic Growth Program for Service Members (SM)/Vets who are struggling with mild Combat Trauma, mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Chronic Pain issues and Military Sexual Trauma.

How are the programs funded?
The Lone Survivor Foundation covers all expenses for each program with funds donated by generous sponsors, so there are no costs for those who attend.  LSF Program Staff will coordinate with SMs/Vets and unit commanders to make travel arrangements.

How are participants selected?
Active Duty Service members, Veterans and their immediate family members are eligible to attend LSF sessions.  When an application is received, it is reviewed by the Program Manager for two factors – First, client needs as they pertain to combat PTSD, mTBI, Chronic pain and Military Sexual Trauma.  Second, the level of function and client capability to participate in and benefit from our program.  Each applicant will be interviewed by the program manager, and these factors, as well as others, are assessed at that time.  The LSF Post-Traumatic Growth Program provides support to individuals with mild PTSD, mild TBI, Chronic pain and Military Sexual Trauma. The LSF program does not provide therapeutic support for Individuals who have moderate or severe levels of these issues.  The Program Manager will confer with the SM/Vet’s medical provider to confirm their appropriateness for attending the session.

Are the sessions recreational?
No, the LSF programs are therapeutic in nature.  We utilize psycho-educational groups and individual sessions.  We are not a medical treatment program.  We work with SMs/Vets on educational, solution focused, and experiential techniques to facilitate their healing and growth.

What can participants do outside of sessions?
Our programs are held on serene and relaxing facilities, which typically include activities such as hiking, fishing, basketball, lawn games, etc.  available for individuals to participate in as they wish.  We do not conduct hunting or shooting activities.   We do not allow alcohol at our programs.

Where are the sessions held?
Lone Survivor Foundation sessions are currently held at facilities near Houston, TX and Fayetteville, NC.

Who is able to attend?
Our sessions are divided into three categories.  We offer sessions for individual SM/Vets, separate sessions for couples and separate sessions for families.  We recommend that a SM/Vet attend an individual session initially and then they can return with their family for the more extensive family program.

How does someone apply for the program?
The LSF program application can be filled out online. The application will automatically be sent to the Program Staff for review.  All applicants are screened for their appropriate fit based on needs of support, diagnosis, and level of function.  Once the initial screening is complete, the Program Staff will contact the person’s medical provider to confirm that our program is a positive fit with the applicant’s capabilities and needs.

Do staff have experience working with the military?
Yes, all session staff have either extensive experience working with the military, or are retired military or military Spouses.

Do staff have credentials?
Yes, staff conducting groups or individual sessions consist of licensed Master’s level mental health providers.

What are the program limitations?
We do not allow weapons of any type at our facilities.
We do not allow alcohol or recreational drugs at our program.
Participants are not allowed to leave the facility premises during the course of the session, except for supervised activities.

Where can I get additional information?
Our program team may be contacted at for additional information or presentations.
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How do I make a donation online?
Please visit our donation page – you can make a one time online donation or set up a monthly donation schedule.

Can I donate non-cash items like land or stock?
Yes! For land and stock, please contact us for instructions.

How do I change, update, pause or cancel my monthly gift?
We can help you with that! Please use our contact form or call 936-755-6075 and we will get that taken care of right away.

What percentage of my donation goes toward the veterans (program costs)?
Our 2017 figures are as follows (updated yearly):

  • Program Services: 77%
  • Fundraising: 16%
  • Administration: 7%

What does it cost on average to fund a session (2017 figures)?
Lone Survivor Foundation covers all expenses for each of the programs through donations from generous individuals and sponsors, so there are no costs for those who attend. The costs for:

  • Individual Sessions average about $3,000 per individual.
  • Couples Sessions average about $6,500 per couple.
  • Family Sessions average about $9,000 per family.
  • The average cost of an entire session is about $25,000.

Where can I view the most recent 990’s and financial statements?
Our financial documents can be found here.

Will I receive an acknowledgement letter or tax receipt for my donation?
Online donations receive an email acknowledgement letter immediately following the donation. Donations made by check will receive an acknowledgement letter through the mail after the check is deposited. Consolidated receipts are sent through the mail no later than January 31st of the year following the donation. Itemized statements can be requested by contacting us.

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Where can I find a list of upcoming events?
Please visit our upcoming events page!

I want to host an event benefiting Lone Survivor Foundation – how do I do that?
Thank you for your support! To get started with your event, please fill out our event application form.

Can I help raise funds and awareness for LSF?
Yes you can! Create a personal fundraising page to reach out to your friends, family and colleagues to raise funds and spread awareness in your community.
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How do I book Marcus Luttrell to speak at my event? or How do I schedule an interview with Marcus? 
Lone Survivor Foundation does not handle Mr. Luttrell’s schedule.
For interview requests and event invitations, please use the contact form on his website: To request Mr. Luttrell as a speaker at your event, please use the speaking inquiry form on his website:

How can I get a message to Marcus?
Please use the contact form on his website:

How can I get a signed copy of the book?
Autographed copies of “Lone Survivor” and “Service” can be purchased on

How can I get an autograph/signed picture, etc.?
Lone Survivor Foundation is unable to coordinate the transfer of items to be signed by Mr. Luttrell. Autographed copies of the books can be purchased on Autographed pictures are not currently available.

Did the Lone Survivor Foundation receive any of the proceeds from the “Lone Survivor Movie”?
While we do not have financial information from the studios, we are happy to report the studios have been extremely supportive of the families of those lost in Operation Red Wings.  Here is a clip for you to see some of the comments of the family members:  In addition, movie screenings by the studio have provided fundraising opportunities to the charities of those fallen in Operation Red Wings and they have graciously included the Lone Survivor Foundation.  Peter Berg, the director of the movie, has also started a fund in which the Lone Survivor Foundation is a recipient.
Through the movie, attention is brought to the work of the Lone Survivor Foundation.  We appreciate the support so we can continue to raise funds and provide help to those men and women, and their families, who serve our country.
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