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Volunteer Advocates

Lone Survivor Foundation has a small staff, but we’re doing big things!  In 2011, we conducted just four therapeutic retreats.  In 2017, we conducted thirty-eight retreats and we’re working on building a second retreat facility so that we can keep reaching more of the families that need us.  This exponential growth was accomplished through the power of word-of-mouth marketing thanks to a community of supporters who believe in our mission.  If your passion for the service member, veteran community runs deep, and you want to learn how you can directly assist LSF’s efforts, we invite you to join us as a Volunteer Advocate!

Our Volunteer Advocates are a nationwide extension of our team who come together with the shared mission to restore, empower, and renew hope to our wounded service members, veterans.  They are our boots on the ground and our voices in the community who spread our message much further than our small staff could on our own.

We empower our Advocates to help the LSF mission in several ways:

  • LSF Volunteer Advocates Facebook Group

We communicate to our team of Volunteer Advocates online through a Facebook Group where Advocates can engage directly with staff and with each other.  We also have live Q&A sessions, share tips on networking, and discuss our current needs and goals as well as ask for the feedback of the community.

  • PsychArmor Institute Training

We’ve arranged for all of our Advocates to have access to a custom designed series of courses from the PsychArmor Institute.  These courses are designed to help you engage effectively with the military community and they cover military cultural competency and the Invisible Wounds that our retreat program focuses on.

  • LSF Education

Advocates receive a booklet titled “The Volunteer Field Manual:  Everything you need to know about Lone Survivor Foundation.”  This booklet includes information on our history, our program, and all of the different ways our supporters can become involved with LSF.




The primary function of our Volunteer Advocates is to engage directly with Lone Survivor Foundation as a community of supporters who are actively involved in the Foundation’s goals.  Advocacy looks different for each individual as everyone has different interests, strengths, and personal networks.  The following are just a few examples of ways that Volunteer Advocates have chosen to harness their passion and get involved.

  • Online
    • Share LSF messages and graphics with their personal social media networks
    • Invite their friends to like and share LSF social media posts
    • Add LSF events to local calendars and share with their networks
    • Share information about LSF in online groups
    • Create online fundraising campaigns using Everyday Hero or Facebook Fundraisers
  • In-Person
    • Request auction item donations for LSF fundraising events
    • Attend networking groups
    • Host third-part beneficiary events
    • Speak to employers about hosting military awareness and fundraising events
    • Attend events on our behalf as a representative for LSF
    • Educate personal, business, and governmental networks about LSF and present opportunities to support the Foundation

LSF Advocates are asked to help us network in their local community in whatever ways they are able and to engage with potential donors, sponsors, fundraisers, volunteers, and retreat participants.  LSF Swag can be earned through referrals that lead to a successful outcome in the following categories:

  • Major Donors
  • Corporate Sponsors
  • Beneficiary Event Organizers
  • Event Sponsors


  • A Facebook account is strongly recommended as the majority of communications will happen via Facebook through our Volunteer Advocates Group. We also ask that volunteers join the LSF Supporters Facebook Group which is linked to our official Facebook page.
  • LSF Volunteer Advocates are enthusiastic service member, veteran advocates who represent Lone Survivor Foundation. As such, we ask that they read the Volunteer Field Manual and become familiar with the LSF Program.
  • Volunteers must accept the Volunteer Agreement and the Volunteer Release of Liability upon signing up.  The forms will be available online and will also be mailed to you.

How to Sign Up

  1. Click here to be taken to the sign up page. You will enter all of your contact information and acknowledge your acceptance of the Volunteer Agreement and Release of Liability.
  2. You will receive confirmation from LSF staff along with instructions on how to join the appropriate Facebook groups and access your training.
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