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Attend a Retreat

Upon receipt of your online application, you will be asked to supply a copy of your DD214 and a signed referral form from a healthcare provider stating that this program is appropriate for you at this point in your recovery process. You will then be contacted by our Behavioral Health Coordinator to discuss more details and to schedule your retreat.

For questions regarding a retreat, please contact our Program Team via email:


To begin your application, please complete the retreat eligibility questions below.

Have you been exposed to a blast, concussion or other head injury that currently causes you symptoms?

Symptoms may include headaches, dizziness, tiredness, trouble sleeping, memory problems, trouble putting thoughts into words, depression, anger outbursts, anxiety, and personality changes.

Do you experience any symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress (PTS)?
Symptoms may include reliving traumatic events through nightmares or flashbacks, avoiding situations that remind you of a traumatic event, negative changes in beliefs and feelings, feeling jittery, angry or irritable.

Do you experience chronic pain?
Chronic pain can be defined as pain that exists for three or more months and does not respond to treatment.

Are you a survivor of Military Sexual Trauma (MST)?

Are you the Care Partner (Caregiver) for a wounded veteran/service member?

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