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Axelson Tactical “AXE” Special Edition Rifle

Axelson Tactical “AXE” Special Edition Rifle

Axelson Tactical “AXE” Special Purpose Rifle Limited Edition “AXE 07”

2015 LIVE Auction item. Click here to purchase tickets!

For serious bidders unable to attend, please contact the LSF office at 832.581.3592 and we will be happy to facilitate a proxy.

From the Axelson Family:

“When our family decided to build this Tribute rifle to honor Matt, his Teammates, and the Night Stalkers that perished that day, we wanted it to be a symbol of that brotherhood all the men shared. A Tribute housed in the tool they used to keep each other safe.

There are engravings on this rifle that symbolize each of the Brothers lost that day, as well as the joint forces that were involved in the rescue and recovery of the men. For without the dedication of all in the aftermath we might never have known the story.

  • Poseidon’s three-pronged Trident for Matt, Danny, Mike. The lone star above the center prong for Marcus, the diamond it is housed in represents four branches of the military and the trident it self symbolizes the SEAL Teams.
  • “Turbine 33 – NSDQ”, (Night Stalkers Don’t Quit) is engraved on the upper.
  • The serial numbers on these rifles are AXE01-AXE99. There are also a few other etchings on there as well if you look closely. They are self-explanatory for those who find them.

Our family is honored to be able to present this Tribute rifle as a symbol of our heroic men and women that serve us every day, and we are proud to be able to use these as a means to help fund the foundations we support.

A Heartfelt “Thanks” to all the companies involved who helped to make this a reality. Josh and Will at Sionics Weapon Systems especially. Without your expertise we could not have built a rifle that would be worthy of its namesake.”

God Bless – The Axelson Family

Each AXE Tribute rifle will come in a Pelican case with an engraved wood box which will contain a set of special challenge coins that tell the story of Operation Red Wings. Matt’s personal Challenge Coin will have a serial number that matches the rifle it is paired with. There will be two Spartan 01 missing man patches with it as well, along with some undisclosed engravings.

The following is an overview of the technical specifications of the Axelson Tactical “AXE” Special Purpose Rifle. Each rifle has special engraving and has been Cerakoted with a 3 color camouflage pattern which was done by hand to provide each rifle a slightly different and unique look. Cerakote has been provided by PD Warehouse in Chandler, Arizona. All rifles are hand-fitted and checked by SIONICS Weapon Systems and inspected by a Master Armorer.

The upper receiver half is built around the SWS 18” Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) barrel. The upper receiver is a standard M4 styled flat top upper receiver with M4 feed cuts made from a 7075 T6 aluminum forging.

SIONICS Weapon Systems stainless 18” SPR barrel. This barrel is chambered in .223 Wylde, uses a .0995 gas port and features an M4 barrel extension. It uses a standard .750 gas block manufactured by Geissele Automatics. The muzzle device is a Battle Comp 1.0 manufactured by Battle Comp Enterprises.

Rail System
Geissele Automatics MKII SMR 15” free-floating rail system.

Bolt Carrier Group
Bolt carrier is an M16 profile made from 8620 tool steel and features an NP3 coating. The carrier key uses (2) grade 8 fasteners and is staked to prevent loosening. The bolt is made from Carpenter 158 steel and meets standard MILSPEC requirements.

Magpul MBUS PRO front and rear sights.

Charging Handle
Vltor/Bravo Company Gunfighter MOD 4 handle.

Standard M4 style made from a 7075 T6 aluminum forging. It features an enhanced aluminum trigger guard from B5 Systems.

Lower Receiver Extension
Vltor MILSPEC dimension A5 lower receiver extension. It features a rifle action spring and the Vltor A5 5.33 oz. buffer.

Trigger Group
Geissele Automatics SSA-E trigger.

Selector Lever
Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Selector Lever.

Butt Stock
B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD stock.

Front Pivot Pin and Rear Take Down Pins
Battle Arms Development Enhanced Pin Set.

Pistol Grip
Bravo Company Manufacturing Gunfighter MOD 0 grip.

All other components are standard MILSPEC parts. Each rifle was test-fired with Federal M193 ammunition for proper function and reliability.

Snake River Shooting Products has added to this package with 1 case (1000 rounds) Team Never Quit Frangible .223 Dynamic Training Ammo!!

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