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Making The Most Of Your Fresh Start In 2019

Making the Most of Your Fresh Start in 2019

By LSF Team Lead Jennifer Street, LCSW

A new year is a time of new beginnings.  From gym memberships to Weight Watchers, we are intrinsically drawn to the idea of a new, fresh start.  We long for this year to be better than the last and to experience more fulfillment than we did the year before. 

So, how can we be sure our fresh-start lines up with our priorities and our values?  Here are a few ideas…

  • A Year-End-Review:
    • Take time to review the progress you made in the previous year.  Make note of all your successes and give yourself a pat on the back.  Also, give credit where credit is due.  Be thankful and practice gratitude for the opportunities you encountered over the last year. 
  • Vision & Goal Setting:
    • It has been said that when you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.  Even if it’s just one goal, identify something that you would like to accomplish this year.  Placing a picture of that task or goal as your screen saver or phone background can motivate you to accomplish it. 
  • Researcher Dr. Gail Matthews of the Dominican University of California compared people who wrote down their goals and dreams to a group who did not.  The group who simply had their life dreams and goals written on paper had a 42% higher rate of accomplishing those goals! Those who added the step of reading those goals daily had even higher success rates.
  • Communication is Key:
    • Next, take time to talk with your spouse or significant other about what you want to see happen this year.  Communicating about what you want to see happen in your personal life, family life, and professional life is a key step in setting a vision for 2019.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you get off to a great 2019.  Remember, “priority determines capacity,” (Andy Stanley) so set your priorities and then watch as a fruitful and productive year takes shape!

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