Lone Survivor Foundation Ambassador Program Overview

Ambassadors are a special committee within the LSF Volunteer Force who have agreed to take their volunteerism to the next level. Ambassador’s commit to a one-year renewable term, during which they will be asked to participate in various special projects which require representing the Foundation within their community and business networks to bring awareness to the Foundation’s mission and funds to fulfill that mission. For more information about the Ambassador Program, contact volunteer@lonesurvivorfoundation.org.

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Lone Survivor Foundation Ambassadors help promote and conduct the work of the organization. Ambassadors will work within their immediate community and sphere of influence to raise the visibility of the organization and facilitate the mission. Pursuing duties that play to their own individual strengths and abilities, Ambassadors will work to advance the mission of the Foundation through the framework provided.

  • Ambassadors are enthusiastic and dedicated Lone Survivor Foundation volunteers who have consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty in supporting our mission.
  • Ambassadors are passionate about the welfare of our nation’s veterans and their families.
  • Ambassadors have the ability to participate in fundraising activities and seek the contributions of time, money, and/or in-kind support from individuals and corporate sponsors.


The Ambassador role is open to all current Lone Survivor Foundation volunteers who are in good standing and have submitted their Lone Survivor Foundation Volunteer Agreement and Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability Form. All volunteers are invited to submit referrals per the guidelines below. Once three qualifying referrals have been received by the Foundation’s staff in any given year, the volunteer will be promoted to an Ambassador and contacted to complete the Ambassador agreement and training. To maintain Ambassador status, three qualifying referrals must be received each calendar year beginning the year after the promotion.



  • The main function of an Ambassador is to refer potential constituents in the following categories:
    • Major Donors
    • Corporate Sponsors
    • Event Hosts
    • Event Sponsors
    • Other various groups, companies, or individuals based on current marketing campaigns
  • Ambassadors are required to submit a minimum of three referrals per year to the Foundation using the form found at https://lonesurvivorfoundation.org/ambassador-referral-page/
  • Only warm contacts will be accepted as valid referrals. Warm contacts are defined as those individuals or companies with which you have spoken with, shared LSF’s mission and ways to get involved, and who are interested in talking with LSF staff to get more information or to take action. This form should not be used to refer cold contacts (those who you have not started to form a relationship with). The contacts entered through this form should be expecting a call or email from LSF Staff.

Additional Duties

In addition to providing referrals, Ambassadors are asked to:

  • Understand the mission of the Lone Survivor Foundation by reviewing the materials that will be provided.
  • Network in the local community to identify potential donors, sponsors, fundraisers, and volunteers. As appropriate, supply these organizations and/or individuals with information about the Lone Survivor Foundation and encourage them to engage with the Foundation.
  • Be a source of information regarding potential funders including leadership givers, corporate supporters, and foundations or grants.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions to further develop the Ambassador Program.
  • Track all hours spent doing work for LSF and submit the Volunteer Force Time Tracking form to the Volunteer Coordinator each week.
  • Join the Ambassador Facebook Group and actively participate in conversations with LSF staff and fellow Ambassadors.
  • Share the Foundations Facebook and/or Twitter posts at least weekly

Encouraged Activities

The goal of the Ambassador Program is to empower Lone Survivor Foundation volunteers to use their personal strengths and contacts to further the LSF mission. The following are some examples of activities that are encouraged. Ambassadors are also free to contact LSF staff with their own ideas.

  • Be a source of information regarding potential board members, LSF Staff, LSF Committee members, and other volunteers.
  • Identify and liaise with new businesses in the area that might be interested in supporting LSF through donations, sponsorship of events, volunteerism, commercial co-ventures, or a workplace giving campaign.
  • Assist with LSF events that might be held locally including fundraising and cultivation events.
  • Volunteer, or help recruit volunteers, to fundraise, host events, help with LSF events or support the work in the LSF office.
  • Connect the LSF staff and board to the issues, challenges and opportunities for veterans that are unique to the community and surrounding areas in which you live.
  • Attend local events (e.g. Chamber gatherings and nonprofit fundraising events) as a representative of the Lone Survivor Foundation and distribute materials as appropriate.
  • Provide information to the LSF staff regarding worthy local veteran nonprofit organizations and the work they are doing. Communicate innovations and successes that might be encouraged and duplicated within the LSF program.


Upon promotion, new Ambassadors will be asked to complete and return an Ambassador Agreement. Once that has been received, Ambassadors will receive the following from Lone Survivor Foundation:

  • Personalized Business Cards
  • Lone Survivor Foundation Polo Shirt
  • Lone Survivor Foundation Hat
  • Lone Survivor Foundation Window Decal
  • Marketing Materials
  • Access to the LSF Ambassador Portal which includes special training and resources (coming soon)
  • Permission to use “lsfambassador” as part of their email address (email address must be approved by LSF)


How to become an Ambassador –

  1. You must already be a member of the LSF Volunteer Force – click here to sign up.
  2. You must submit 3 warm contact referrals in order to be nominated as an Ambassador – click here to submit a referral.
  3. Once we have received 3 referrals, your name will be submitted to the Executive Director as a potential LSF Ambassador! If approved, we will contact you to finalize your Ambassador status.

Thank you for your interest in our Ambassador program! We thank you for your support and look forward to working with you.