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Giving Tuesday 2017 – Creating a Facebook Fundraiser

To create a fundraiser on Facebook, log in and follow these steps:

1.Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed

2. Click Raise Money

3. Select Nonprofit/Charity.

4. Select Lone Survivor Foundation as your charitable organization, use this cover photo, and fill in the fundraiser details

For your fundraising goal, the choice is yours.  We only need twenty-five $1,000 fundraisers to hit our goal.  Or perhaps you’d like to cover the cost of sending one veteran through a retreat, which costs about $3,000.  To send a couple, it costs $7,100, and to send a family it costs about $8,400.

We recommend ending your fundraiser on November 30th because we’re having a contest!  See below…

For the title of your fundraiser, please use “Giving To Vets Day 2017”

For the description, share your story!  What are you passionate about?  Why is it important to you that wounded service members get the care they deserve?  Why do you support Lone Survivor Foundation?  Are you a volunteer or a retreat participant?  Let everyone know why our cause matters!  This page may give you some inspiration.

5. Click Create

Please email us if you would like some more help!

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