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LSF Retreat Attendee Donates Glass Mosaic

LSF Retreat Attendee Donates Glass Mosaic

LSF Attendee, Stacey Thompson gives back through art

This is a 2015 Silent Auction Item. Click here to place your bid!

NQ mosaic

Stacey Thompson is a mom, wife, USMC veteran, MST Survivor, an artist, a teacher, owner of Imagery Artworks, and an LSF Retreat Attendee and if that isn’t enough, she has decided to give back to the Foundation that impacted her life – in a way very dear to her heart – through her artwork. Stacey has created a one of a kind glass mosaic and donated it to the Lone Survivor Foundation’s upcoming 2015 Houston Gala where she and her husband Jesse, also a USMC veteran and LSF Retreat attendee, will be speaking about the LSF retreats during the program. This custom piece is a part of the Houston Gala silent auction and all funds raised will benefit the Lone Survivor Foundation’s programs. Bid now!

From Stacey:

“As Marine Corps Veterans, my husband and I both attended the Lone Survivor Foundation retreat after years of our family being severely affected by PTSD, TBI and MST. The retreats we individually attended began to fill the voids of healing and strengthened us as we were both, broken and shattered.”

“I felt a deep sense of healing which occurred while working on this particular piece. The use of broken mirrors is often seen in my artwork to demonstrate the shattering of internal emotions that express a change and rebuilding of self-identity. Each of us posses an internal belief system about ourselves and though our worlds may have been shattered by devastation, I believe we can always rebuild and repair. The act of creating something beautiful from the most broken parts of ourselves is essentially the road we pave on the journey toward healing. The only guarantee we have in life is the inevitability of change and through my artwork I attempt to redefine the outcome of being, beautifully broken.”

“The words “Never Quit” and the LSF logo are crafted using gold mirror. Every individual piece of glass is strategically placed until they combine to create one solid and powerful piece. A frame is then created and the grout is used to fill voids and strengthen the artwork. The entire frame is made from solid pine and hand painted with a high quality black semi-gloss exterior paint. This piece measures approximately 49.5″ x 25.5″ (1.5″depth).

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