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Meet The Karya Kares Foundation

Meet the Karya Kares Foundation

We’d like to introduce you to our friends at Karya Kares Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping those less fortunate get back on their feet with a promise of hope. Karya Kares has been a supporter of Lone Survivor Foundation for several years. They were the Title Sponsor of our Giving Tuesday campaign in 2019, providing matching donations. Read on to find out how they are making positive changes in the community and how you can help!

Lone Survivor Foundation is so grateful to Karya Kares Foundation for providing a donation matching sponsorship on Giving Tuesday! What other types of causes does your foundation support?

Karya Kares is so proud to work with Lone Survivor Foundation for this 3rd year now in support of their wonderful initiative! In addition to working with Lone Survivor, we also sponsor several schools in India that enroll thousands of youth in pursuit of their education. We also provide FREE mammograms in our communities to increase awareness of Breast Cancer and provide FREE water education courses in the summer to community youth to help everyone learn how to swim. And last but not least, our biggest annual initiative is the #allsmilesnoguns campaign that hands out nearly 10,000 clear back packs to all youth in the surrounding areas to help prevent school violence.

You support several organizations with the wonderful work that you are doing in the community. Why have you chosen to support Lone Survivor Foundation?

We strongly believe in supporting our troops! After the many sacrifices our soldiers endure while serving our country and protecting our freedom, we feel that it is our honor to show as much gratitude for their commitment as we possibly can. With the wonderful work that Lone Survivor is doing through it’s Foundation’s efforts, we are pleased to pledge support in any way we can!

Karya Kares Foundation was founded by Swapnil Agarwal and Vivek Shah. Will you share the story of your Foundation’s beginnings?

Our founders, Swapnil Agarwal and Vivek Shah, grew up in very humble beginnings on the Southwest side of Houston, Texas. Swapnil, who moved with his family from India when he was 14 years old, met Vivek in High School in the Alief Independent School System.

Their journey then took them on to the University of Texas in Austin where they both majored in finance and later moved on to corporate America, but never forgetting where they came from.

Promising themselves they would give back to the community at the first chance they got, they established a scholarship for aspiring Alief High School students bound for college. This ignited a further calling to give back even further when the opportunity presented itself.

Karya Kares has recently announced a Rental Assistance Program for those experiencing adversity. Would you like to share more about the program and how those in need can apply?

The rental assistance program is designed for those that may be experiencing a temporary adverse situation and may need a little help. We all fall on hard times at some point in all of our lives, and we as a foundation understand this. It is our core responsibility as humans to help. To apply, one can visit a Karya Property managed apartment complex and speak with a manager, go online to and apply during the application window, or email with further questions.

Karya Property Management offers a rent discount to certain individuals. Would you like to share who may be eligible for a discount, where your properties are located, and how interested individuals can get more information?

All community serving individuals (Policeman, Fire, Ambulance, Veterans, Teachers, Nurses, etc…) are eligible for application and the rental discount. We take pride in giving back to the community, just as these individuals do on a daily basis. To apply, one can either go online to or stop in at any one of our properties and speak to the property manager.


Karya Kares Mission Statement:  Whether it is in Houston or in India. Karya Kares Foundation cares deeply for the well-being of all Global citizens. Our initiatives foster hope for all! From help sponsoring events for Cancer Awareness to providing over 5,000 clear backpacks to school age children to promote school safety, Karya Kares Foundation strives daily to impact lives for the better. 

To donate to Karya Kares, please visit

 Lone Survivor Foundation provides a no-cost Post-traumatic Growth Program to help service members, veterans, and their families recover from combat trauma.  Learn more about our program at

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