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Powerful Veteran Women – A Poem By An LSF Retreat Attendee

Powerful Veteran Women – A Poem by an LSF Retreat Attendee

Retired Air Force Veteran Debi Baldwin attended a Lone Survivor Foundation therapeutic retreat in February of 2018.  While she was with us, she wrote a powerful poem full of strength and hope.  We were so touched by her work that we asked her if we could share it for the benefit of the veteran community.  We are honored that she has agreed.

Debi shared with us that, “After retiring from the Air Force in 2006, I began looking for healing on a much deeper level.  It has been a journey since, sometimes crawling at a snail’s pace, sometimes feeling as if I were in a whirlwind.  The Lone Survivor (Foundation) Retreat became a part of my path and was a transformative experience.  This poem very much reflects the mental space where I was as the retreat ended.

Know.  You are enough.  You always have been enough.”


Broken pieces of the “world’s greatest military”

Coming together

Tattered and torn in our own respects

Like our Nation’s flag after battles fiercely fought

Wearing masks of survival

Full of fear

But refusing to quit


A safe space

Where vulnerability is not shameful

Each of us

Too strong

Too fierce to be destroyed

Collectively learning, searching, moving forward

Stepping into our own power

Remembering who we were 

Before someone convinced us we were less



As we part

Returning to our realities

New tools at the ready

Armed with new knowledge

And forever bonded

Powerful veteran women

Taking a new oath

Committing to the honor of self

We are each deserving of


Debi Baldwin

USAF, Retired, 1985-2006

Lone Survivor MST Retreat Feb 2018


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