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Retreat Team Spotlight – Felicia Smith, MA, LPCI

Retreat Team Spotlight – Felicia Smith, MA, LPCI

As an inspirational speaker, author, and licensed professional counselor intern, my academic and professional life has been dedicated to promoting wellness. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Christian Counseling as well as an M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University. In addition to my work as a counselor and facilitator, I am the founder of the Relate-2-Clinic, a faith-based wellness organization.  Furthermore, I have authored numerous books about faith, family, and relationships, including Seeds of Hope.

I have nearly a decade of professional experience working with individuals, couples, and families – helping clients overcome mental health challenges ranging from PTSD to depression and substance abuse. Combining the most innovative therapeutic methods with a faith-based approach, I provide clients with the necessary strategies to heal from trauma, cope with adversity, and enhance wellness for themselves and their families.

As a PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator, I advise married couples on constructive communication and conflict-resolution, in addition to helping them build rapport. I also prepared couples engaged to be wed with effective strategies to ensure healthy and happy marriages. In recent years, I began counseling veterans and their families in an outpatient clinic where I developed a couple’s veteran marriage and family psychoeducation group. In 2017, I began working couple retreats with Lone Star Foundation. Helping couples enhance their marriage through couples’ retreats has filled me with enormous gratitude and joy.

People often do a double-take when I share, “I have thirty-five years of experience dealing with divorce and family trauma.” My mission to help veterans and their families originates in my own first-hand experience at age 8. My father, a Vietnam veteran that served his country with honor, suffered from symptoms of depression and PTSD. Often, he withdrew from the family. On countless occasions during those episodes I witnessed domestic violence and saw how his condition, left untreated, wrought havoc on my family. My parents eventually divorced, an experience I recounted in my book Through the Eyes of a Daughter: Fathers We Need You. Those dark times ignited a passion to help families that resembled mine own.

I have since dedicated my academic and professional life to helping other such families cope with adversity and recover from trauma. In other words, my mission remains to “serve those who serve others”. I look forward to sharing my knowledge and expertise to help you lead the empowered, transformative life you deserve.

Felicia Smith, MA, LPCI         

Lone Survivor Foundation provides a no-cost, high impact program lead by licensed trauma experts for veterans, active duty service members & their families. Learn more at

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