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Reed Smith

Reed Smith

Board Treasurer

Reed Smith, Central Regional Vice President for the GEO Group, Inc., the first fully integrated international real estate investment trust specializing in the design, financing, development of correctional, detention and community reentry facilities.

Mr. Smith oversees a geographical area that includes, Texas and Oklahoma, which comprises of (14) facilities serving Local, State and Federal clients. Mr Smith joined what is now the GEO Group in 1997 after retiring as a Warden with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Helping organizations such as Special Olympics and Lone Survivor Foundation, Mr. Smith has marshaled the efforts of staff and vendors to annually make significant contributions via golf tournaments and fund raising events. This, in effort to give back to the community in which Geo works on a daily basis.

Mr. Smith has long recognized the efforts of our veterans, through his corporate efforts to recruit and help with reentry into the civilian work force, now appreciates the opportunity to work with LSF to help those who are so traumatically affected in service to Country.

Reed Smith is an avid golfer and outdoorsman, father of (6) children and (1) grandchild, he resides in New Braunfels Texas with his wife Stephanie.

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