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TMT Tactical Glock 21

TMT Tactical Glock 21

This item is part of the 2015 Houston auction. Click here to bid!         

LSF’s Custom TMT Tactical Glock 21 Package

Custom Glock 21 donated by Glock and customized by TMT Tactical. This Glock is one of a kind!

• Handgun is engraved with, TX Frog, American Flag incorporating the SEAL skeletal frog, Texas Flag, TMT Logo, LSF Logo, and Never Quit.
• Handgun comes equipped with  Trijicon RMR and co-witness sights and a KKM Threaded Barrel with threaded barrel ready for a suppressor.
• This Glock 21 has had the front of the trigger guard dehorned and the rear of trigger guard recessed to allow for a slightly higher grip on the handgun as well as aid in holstering.
• The magwell has been epoxy filled and beveled to help improve magazine changes under stressful conditions.
• Handgun has had a 1911 style grip reduction and the entire grip surface has been stippled, including two finger pads, magazine bases and underneath the trigger guard.
• Has extra cocking serrations machined on each side of the slide and new serrations machined on the top surface to aid in cocking and breaking down the handgun.
• Handgun has a been machined beveled at the front of the slide to aid holstering.
• All internal trigger components have been polished & lapped.
• Cerakoted in multicam battle distressed pattern.

Note: handgun also comes with a custom fitted case, TMT Tactical Attacoa Wallet, and 500 rounds of Freedom Munitions .45 Auto 200 gr. RN

**Winning bidder must be able to legally possess this firearm. All firearm transfers are handled by FFL.

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