Volunteer Ambassadors

Ambassadors are a special committee within the LSF Volunteer Force who have agreed to take their volunteerism to the next level. Ambassador’s commit to a one-year renewable term, during which they will be asked to participate in various special projects which require representing the Foundation within their community and business networks to bring awareness to the Foundation’s mission and funds to fulfill that mission.


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Yancy “Buck” Keslar – Pilot, Flight Options / Flexjet

Volunteer Ambassador since 3/2017
Volunteer since 6/2013

Buck was born and raised in a military family. His father proudly served our country in the USMC and the U.S.Army as a Captain and fought in Vietnam.Buck entered the Navy in 1980. His first duty was as an aerial photographer on board the USS Independence. Next he served as an aviation anti-submarine warfare operator and search & rescue swimmer (SEA/SAR.) Buck completed two world cruises and worked with the Royal Navy as an exchange Petty officer. He was able to see the world being stationed all over the globe. He spent time in Wiesbaden Germany, Naples and Signoella Italy, NAS Key West Boca Chica, NAS North Island, San Diego and many other places in-between.In 1985 he attended WVU, as things heated up in the Gulf (Operation Desert Storm) he returned to the service and re-qualified for SEA/SAR.Following his military career Buck pursued a career in aviation. He attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Buck has been a pilot for many companies. He has worked for Business Express Airlines, Raytheon Aerospace, and currently is employed as a pilot with Flight Options / Flexjet.Buck became involved with the Lone Survivor Foundation in 2013. He, in cooperation with Signature Flight Support, developed a plan to donate a Harley Davidson Motorcycle to Lone Survivor. He began asking his fellow pilots to consider gifting their points to the Lone Survivor. Buck donated their accumulated points, gained thru the Signature Flight Support Fuel Program, to an account set up for Lone Survivor. The motorcycle was then auctioned off at the gala event in Houston. This program has made it possible to donate two motorcycles to date, and the program continues to be a success. When Buck isn’t flying he keeps busy at home. He owns and operates a Security Consulting Company and rebuilds collector vehicles including Muscle Cars and Jeeps.

Heath Kuhlmann, California Highway Patrolman

Volunteer Ambassador since 3/2017

Heath is a native of Texas and realized in his early teens his dream was to be in law enforcement. After high school and a very short lived collegiate football career he joined the United States Marine Corps, “because college was too hard”. Throughout 10 years in the Corps, he was able to see the world and make lifelong friends with many outstanding men and women.Heath ended his active service in the Corps in 2000 and joined the California Highway Patrol where he has had a variety of assignments, including auto theft investigation and drug interdiction. His oldest son followed in his footsteps as a Marine and his youngest son strayed a bit and joined the US Army. Heath lives with his wife, Monica in southern California and became involved with the Foundation through his Marine Corps friend Michael Langley.