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Volunteer Spotlight – Patrick Titus

Volunteer Spotlight – Patrick Titus

Our Volunteer Force always inspires and motivates us with their Never Quit attitudes, and Patrick Titus is a perfect example of the heart that makes our mission work.  Whether he’s helping us sell t-shirts or charging through the mud to raise money for our veterans,  we are honored to have him on our team.

This is not about me.  It’s more about family.

My mother’s name was Patricia.  She delivered me in Corpus Christi in 1965.  She was alone with two toddler boys already, while my Dad was flying Navy P3-Orion missions out of Guam.  Although she knew my dad couldn’t help it, she subconsciously resented being left alone to handle things on the home front.  So, she named me ‘Patrick’ in her own honor.  She was a tough Navy wife.

Throughout my father’s military career, we saw him serve with great distinction as an aviator flying missions during Viet Nam, then eventually the Commanding Officer of NAS South Weymouth, Massachusetts.  He was sent to the National Defense University at Ft. McNair where he rubbed elbows with decision-makers both military and civilian.  He retired after serving as the Inspector General of the Naval Air Reserve – Pacific Wing.

My dad was underpaid.  We were never well to do.  Being Navy brats, we were always the new kids in town, wearing hand-me-downs.  My mother cut my hair until I was in high school. Every Naval Officer and his wife know that appearances are very important.  And appearances are maintained on a thin dime.  Such was my childhood.  Still, my brothers and I did not regard ourselves as poor.  Our worth came from the knowledge that we were the Titus Family; a unit.  Our dad was a Naval officer of some distinction.  And that gave my brothers and I a great sense of pride, self-worth and patriotism.  My dad would speak to veterans on Memorial Day or Veterans Day.  He would read prepared statements of sacrifice, honor and country as if the words were his own because he sincerely took them to heart.

In light of my childhood, my interest in the Lone Survivor Foundation is easily explained.  Military families do without.  Military families suffer in quiet.  They do not complain.  They do not expect parades or material reward.  But they sincerely appreciate others who show any gratitude.  They are more than just the soldiers.  They are the spouses and the kids.  When they suffer, they all suffer.  When they triumph, they do so together.  My mother used to refer to our military as our nation’s ‘nobility’.  I consider it a privilege to do what little I can for the LSF.

Titus 3:14: “And let our people learn to devote themselves to good works, so as to help cases of urgent need, and not be unfruitful.”

My  life’s joy still comes from my family. One of the ways we have found to raise funds for the important work at Crystal Beach is by raising donations through our Team Titus 3:14.  Last year, I raised $800 for LSF by running the Tough Mudder in Arlington, Texas.  This year, my brother Mark joined the team.  So did his son Elliot, a Varsity QB at Paschal High School.  My son, my beautiful daughter and her Marine fiancé also came on board.  And just to embolden our effort, we added the dauntless Jake Baggett, combat veteran, 82nd Airborne.  This year, we raised more than $2,500.  It is not a lot of money.  Still, this is our way to bring awareness as a family and raise money for the treatment of our veterans.

My lovely wife and I have also volunteered at events such as the Houston Gala, the 2017 Precision Rifle Shooting Event and a few others.  The people that we have met inspire us and keep us laughing.  After a limited time together, we feel very close to the people of Lone Survivor Foundation.  They feel like family.

If you would like to joint the Lone Survivor Foundation Volunteer Force, please visit

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