Lone Survivor Foundation “Wings Over MST”

Lone Survivor Foundation restores, empowers, and renews hope for our wounded service members and their families through health, wellness, and therapeutic support.

LSF provides therapeutic retreats for service members/veterans, couples, and families from all military branches who are challenged with injuries such as Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI), Chronic Pain, and Military Sexual Trauma (MST).

While PTS and TBI are well known initialisms that get mentioned almost daily, they are not the only forms of trauma experienced by our service men and women. Lone Survivor Foundation holds retreats that specifically address the deep effects of one of the worst and most unexpected forms of traumatic stress that can be suffered while serving your country – Military Sexual Trauma or MST.

Most survivors of Military Sexual Trauma do not make official reports to authorities about their experiences. When they do reach out for help, the way authorities respond can have a powerful impact on their post-trauma recovery. Often times the survivor receives an invalidating response when reaching out for formal help. This compounds the mental health difficulties they have after MST – increasing symptoms of depression, feelings of isolation, perceptions of self-blame and other problems. Negative reactions may affect the survivor’s willingness to seek out treatment or talk about their experiences to others, such as family and friends. It is Lone Survivor Foundation’s mission to provide those affected by MST with a support system and tools for moving forward successfully. Our retreats emphasize the use of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) using the EAGALA model, neuro-feedback, trauma sensitive yoga, and other cutting edge modalities geared toward improving quality of life. Our retreats are provided at no cost to the service members or their families through the generous support of donors, sponsors, and fundraising events around the country.

We have the resources to help, but we need to get the word out. MST is an intensely personal struggle. It takes a trusted source to reach an individual who suffers. Television and radio ads lack the connection needed for an MST survivor to come forward and seek help. Survivors often keep very close a small group of people who are like minded and can protect them when they feel vulnerable. Those they have bonded with have a great deal of influence in their lives and can make a world of difference if given the chance to do so.

Lone Survivor Foundation needs YOU!
We are calling on women’s motorcycle organizations, ride clubs or groups to help us spread AWARENESS and raise the necessary funds to ACT when we are contacted by a survivor of MST.
We intend to educate, vet, and officially recognize these organizations so that they can host rallies, fundraisers and ride under the Lone Survivor Foundation “Wings over MST” campaign. It is our hope to establish hundreds of vetted organizations across the United States so that we can dramatically improve and expand our services for those who suffer.

An annual minimum goal of $3,500 will be the target for each organization as it is the standard cost for an individual veteran to attend a LSF MST retreat at no cost to the vet. Organizations who reach the minimum will be issued official LSF “Wings over MST” patches that indicate that they are responsible for funding a retreat(s) for MST veterans.

How does it work?

Complete the application below, and you will be contacted by an LSF representative to be vetted.

All vetted clubs are considered “Recruit Clubs” until they reach a minimum of $3,500 raised (the funds needed to send 1 MST survivor to an LSF retreat).

Approved fundraising concepts are (but not limited to):
– Bike Rallies
– Poker Runs
– Bike Washes
– Cook-offs
– Link/Drink Sales
– Bike Nights
– Auctions
– Test rides at dealerships
– Cross Country Rides
– Club member donations
– Other fundraising concepts as approved by LSF

Absolutely NO door to door solicitations!

Once a club has raised the required minimum, they are considered “Enlisted Clubs“. To maintain Enlisted status, the club must fund at least one MST survivor per year.

– Wings Over MST patches are issued to the riders
– Clubs are identified as “Enlisted” on their social media pages

Each club that has cumulatively raised enough to fund one full retreat ($30,000) are promoted to “Officer Clubs“.

– For each full retreat funded, club members will be issued a hash mark to add under their patch. The hash mark will also be added to their social media pages.
– An engraved brick in the club’s honor will be laid in the Legacy Walk at the LSF Crystal Beach Retreat Facility.
– Clubs that have fully funded two retreats will receive a table for 10 at one of LSF’s Galas, where the club will be recognized for their hard work.

To get started, click here to complete your club application and begin riding for MST survivors TODAY!